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Building and Maintaining Resilience With Schema Therapy - From Childhood to Adulthood


Roza Laious,
Christoph Fuhrhans


WS 24-3c


Resilience constitutes an important process of adapting well when facing with unexpected changes and challenges, adversities, stress or trauma.

It concerns our ability to cope - by applying our inner strength and by engaging in a support network - with difficult events and situations that happen in our life, from childhood to adulthood, and the way we recover from them.

The amount of resilience that we hold depends on several factors and experiences that we have been with in our life.

Hence, throughout this workshop we will take an experiential and  highly  interactive  Schematherapeutic journey from childhood to adulthood and back - in order to search for the factors that play a decisive role in building resilience in relation to core emotional needs - its roots, temperamental features, the role of caregivers/important figures  as well as early life events that may strengthen or weaken resilience.

We will explore deeply the lifespan of an adult patient, his strengths, the coping strategies, the adversities that he has experienced, and we will explore his life path from childhood until adulthood to understand in a deeper level how he may have become (or not) able to handle the challenges of life and the ways he recovers:

We will focus on the resources that we can highlight through our therapeutic work with children and adults.

As a result of the workshop, we will see that resilience is not an a priori given intransparent quantity. We will have a better understanding of individual factors that influence resilience in a positive or negative way, and how Schema Therapy can conceptualize and foster this resource.

Methoden und Ziele:


  • 05.04.2024, 09:00-16:00 Uhr


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Online - Zoom


320 CHF




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